Dear Friends and Family of Fight Foundation:

Fight Foundation is a non-profit mixed martial arts studio serving kids in our community to learn how to defend themselves in an unsafe situation. Our mission is to teach self-defense which in return builds confidence, awareness, physical fitness and leadership. We are one of the most successful martial arts schools in Ventura County that receives at least a hundred people in attendance on a daily basis.

We depend on sponsorships and donations from local businesses throughout the county to maintain the operations of our studio. In addition, corporate sponsorships help capital improvements as we have been making improvements in our studio as we just have recently moved.

None of this would be possible without sponsors like you. When you GIVE to Fight Foundation, it honestly makes a difference in our community and improves the lives of children and adults. Contributions from our community ensure the quality of our programs sustain reputability and excellence. Not only are you helping our organization grow, but your gifts inspire for other organizations to give as well. Depending on your choice of sponsorship, we will advertise your organization as well.

Together we make a difference in our community. On behalf of Fight Foundation, we would like to thank you continuous support.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please click here for more information.


Cherry de Windt

CEO of Fight Foundation

Our current corporate sponsors are: